29 June 2021

New Contract awarded in Hong Kong

This Contract comprises electrical, mechanical, ventilation, air-conditioning, fire services, plumbing and drainage (MEP) Works for Members Stand II 2/F and Members Stand III 2/F, 7/F and 8/F.

  • Carry out modification, diversion, dismantlement and required reinstatement to all existing E&M services;
  • Carry out site survey and provide survey report to existing E&M services to facilitate E&M installation works;
  • Supply, install and dismantle of temporary lighting and temporary power supply for site construction;
  • Supply and install new E&M system and equipment;
  • Supply and install all steel supporting frame in which supporting E&M equipment and other installations;
  • Supply and install stainless steel enclosure for all new and existing drainage pipes that are within kitchen areas and dining areas without false ceilings;
  • Modify, diverse, dismantle and reinstate existing E&M installations; and
  • Design, supply and install steel supporting frame for new water tank, water pumps and pneumatic tanks, air conditioning units.