Supply and Installation of Air Conditioner at Beas River Equestrian Centre Stable (Ref.: 18/069/BL/CTR)

September 2020 - February 2021

Beas River Equestrian Centre stable is located in Sheung Shui and provide training to who wants to experience riding.

The project consists of supply and install of 11 sets of air-conditioners for UG stable block C&D. The works include power supply from main switch room to new MCCB board in stable. The most challenging part for this project is that there are only 14 days for completion of 2 sets of spilt-type units including all T&C. In order to meet this extremely tight schedule, all design, routing, installation method, materials, etc. should be ready before commencement.

Scope of works

Supply and Installation of Air Conditioner

  • Supply and installation of ceiling mounted A/C equipment and outdoor condensing units
  • Supply and installation of refrigerant pipework system
  • All metal supporting frame work
  • Supply and installation of all electrical works and control system consisting MCB board
  • Supply and installation of air duct and return air plenum
  • Supply and installation of LMCP for control of A/C units
Client The Hong Kong Jockey Club
Location Beas River, Sheung Shui
Main Contractor BYME Engineering (HK) Ltd
Year September 2020 - February 2021