• Supply and Installation of Air Conditioner at Beas River Equestrian Centre Stable (Ref.: 18/069/BL/CTR)

    September 2020 - February 2021
  • Contract C18W07 – Office Tower Development at Hong Kong International Airport

    June 2020
  • E&M Installation Works for Members Stand II 8/F & Members Stand III 9/F Dining Room for Racing Club at Happy Valley Racecourse for The Hong Kong Jockey Club

    May 2020 - November 2020
  • Maintenance Contract of Mechanical Ventilation & Air Conditioning (MVAC) System at Main Tower, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital

    May 2020
  • Regent Hotel Refurbishment Guestrooms Mockup Works – Building Services Provisions for Room 420 & 422 and the common Corridor

    April 2020 - July 2020
  • Contract No. ED/2018/04 Trunk Road T2 and Infrastructure Works for Developments at The Former South Apron

    November 2019