BYME embraces the concept of partnering to create a platform with our client and external providers in a cooperative effort to achieve predefined objectives. Through this partnering approach, we seek to foster open and non-adversarial communication among the relevant interested parties. This in turn can help speed up decision-making and enhance the project’s quality, safetyand sustainability, while reducing inconsistency among the different parties involved. For partnering to work, we give fair consideration to every stakeholder’s interests, needs, expectations, constraints and risks.



BYME employs a partnering framework to improve working relationship and productivity through a number of these operational objectives:


Partnering Workshop

At the outset of a project, a partnering workshop is established, whereby a better understanding of the personalities and perception of team members representing different stakeholder parties is fostered. Such workshops are continually held throughout the entire project process.

Partnering with our clients
  • Bai Sun ceremony held on MTR work site in 2016

  • Festive celebration with clients and project team members

  • Christmas party

  • Partnering workshop

Partnering with Subcontractors

Since 2012, BYME has been organising Subcontractor Partnership Workshops for around 20 of our subcontractors and suppliers to understand the needs and expectations amongst relevant interested parties through small group discussions, seminar and interactive games. Since then, our workshops are attended by some 100 BYME staff and subcontractor employees annually.