Bouygues Construction: Building for life

Bouygues Construction employs 32,500 people around the world, all driven by the
greatest and most exciting responsibility of all – building for life.

For our customers in more than 60 countries, we deliver much more than projects.
We build to create spaces, connections and opportunities. We improve daily life for
millions of people by creating structures and buildings that welcome life in all its
diversity, serving all our needs: housing, healthcare, education, work, tourism, leisure
activities, public services, etc.

We are aware that everything we build is here to stay, and our legacy as builders will
be with us for generations to come. This is why every day, we look for new solutions
in order to design, renovate, and build differently. Our aim is to address the critical
imperatives of the environmental transition: we are committed to making
construction sustainable and less resource-intensive.

We support the development of low-carbon energy production and public transport
infrastructures, and we construct and renovate buildings and neighbourhoods using
low-carbon materials, optimising the design of our structures and taking account of
their lifecycle.

Because the men and women of Bouygues Construction are our most precious
asset, we ensure that everyone is safe at all times, and that human rights and ethical
standards are respected. Finally, we are committed to ensuring that everyone can
achieve their full potential in their work by building a career path that reflects the
values we hold dear: teamwork, simplicity, trust and pioneering spirit.

In 2023, Bouygues Construction generated sales of €9.8 billion.

  • EikenøttSwitzerland

    The eco-neighbourhood inspired by Nordic living

  • Paris LightingFrance

    The city of sustainable lights

  • Nîmes-Montpellier bypassFrance

    The Nîmes-Montpellier rail bypass is on track

  • ChallengerFrance

    Our positive-energy head office

  • Baluarte bridgeMexico

    The record-breaking bridge

  • The Henri-Konan-Bédié BridgeIvory Coast

    Marks recovery for Abidjan

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