Enhancement of Hong Kong International Airport

May - Nov 2011

In a bid to increase the chiller plant efficiency and optimise the chiller plant utilisation, Airport Authority Hong Kong initiated the unification of Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 2 (T2) chilled water production plant.  A 1,000 RT chiller at T2 was relocated to the chiller plant at T1. 

After the integration process, the three chillers are dynamically operated to suit the varying cooling capacity demand at various time of the year. 

Through the optimisation of the control sequence , energy efficiency enhanced. 

The system also proved to attain significant savings upon taking system measurements. 

The average chiller plant Coefficient Of Performance (COP) value was improved by 5.93% and an annual energy saving of 4,700 MW per hour was achieved. 

Scope of works

Supply, delivery, decommissioning, dismantle replacement and installation of chiller plant:

  • Modification of 600mm bypass chilled water pipe at Terminal 1 (T1)
  • Integration of the chilled water systems to a unified chilled water system served by plant at T1
  • Relocation of the existing 1,000 Tones of Refrigeration (TR) chiller from Terminal 2 (T2) to T1 (T1). 
  • Structural, Architectural Builders Works and Finishes (ABWF) works related to the scope of works
Client Airport Authority Hong Kong
Location Chek Lap Kok, Lantau, Hong Kong S.A.R.
Main Contractor BYME Engineering (HK) Ltd.
Consultant Mott McDonald Hong Kong Ltd.
Year May - Nov 2011