Sub-Contract for Integrated MEP Works (NSC2) and Direct Contract for Integrated MEP Works (DC3) at Hub Area for Members Main Entrance Redevelopment and Multi-Level Carpark at Shatin Racecourse for the Hong Kong Jockey Club

April 2021

A new Multi-Level Carpark Building (MLCP) with Footbridge is to be constructed in Shatin Racecourse aiming to improve the overall customer arrival experience at the Shatin Racecourse Members Main Entrance (MME). The superstructure works including pile caps for the MLCP with Footbridge, landscape work for adjacent external areas, the Addition and Alteration works at Grandstand 1 (GS1) and MME in order to form a complete new and efficient customer arrival experience.

Scope of works

  • Supply and install all mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning installation including fans and ductworks, VRV and split types A/C units, exhaust and jet fans and high-volume low speed ceiling mount fans, electrical and control, building management system, etc.;
  • Supply and install all electrical installation including main electrical switchboard, meters, generator, UPS, power distribution boards, cablings and accessories, earthing systems, lightings and control, cable containment and power supply to ELV systems, etc.;
  • Supply and install all fire services installations including, street fire hydrant system, sprinkler system, hose reel & fire hydrant system, pipework distribution for all FS systems, automatic fire alarm system, electrical and control, etc.; and
  • Supply and install all plumbing installation including plumbing main pumps and pneumatic vessels, electrical and control, tanks and pipes, distribution pipework, final water points like taps, and interface with builders works and other installations like irrigation system.
Client The Hong Kong Jockey Club
Location The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Shatin Racecourse, Shatin, Hong Kong
Year April 2021