Operatiion and Maintenance of MVAC System at Asia World Expo

March 2021

Operation and Maintenance of Mechanical Ventilation Air Conditioning Installation and Ice Thermal Storage Installation

Scope of works

Provision the services of The Mechanical Ventilation Air Conditioning (“MVAC”) and Ice Thermal Storage, including daily operation, maintenance works, emergency repair, regular patrol and housekeeping as listed below:

1) All mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning and its associated electrical equipment;

2) Ice thermal storage system and accessories; and

3) Plant rooms, electrical rooms and store rooms.

Maintenance Works for 

  • a) Water Cooled Chiller
  • b) Air-cooled chiller
  • c) Condenser Water Pump / Chilled Water Pump / Ice Tank Pump
  • d) Water Cooling Tower
  • e) Condenser Make-up Tank / Bleed-off Tank / Feed and Expansion Tank
  • f) Primary Air Handling Unit / Air Handing Unit
  • g) Fan Coil Unit
  • h) Split Type / VRV / DX Unit
  • i) Ventilation, Fresh, Exhaust, Transfer Air Fan Associated with MVAC Installations
  • j) Smoke Extraction Fan
  • k) Ice Thermal Storage System


Client Asia World-Expo Management Limited
Location Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong.
Year March 2021