October 2020 - February 2022

The service provider shall conduct the analysis on the existing operating parameters of the as well as estimate of energy saving potentials and the corresponding improvement cost so as to prioritize the operational improvements.

  1. The measurement shall be at least include 24 hour for each typical day and each typical model. (The measurement shall be record as least 7days)
  2. Provide measurement data records
  3. The measurement point shall include the following system and equipment in general:
  • Chiller plant (Chilled water supply & return temperature, flow rate and discharge pressure. Condenser water supply & return temperature, flow rate discharge pressure. Running current and power input for chillers, pumps and cooling towers) with recording intervals of at least 15 mins
  •  Air side MVAC equipment: Selected VHU and PAU – running current and power input, return air temperature and CO2 concentration with recording intervals of at least 15 mins. VAV Boxes: Supply Temperature and flow rate
  • Lux level at designated areas
  • Electrical Installation (Current, voltage, power factor, THD), with recording intervals of at least 15 mins : 3-phase circuit connecting to the meter of the electricity supplier; circuit protective device rating at or above 400A lift; and P&D pumps

Scope of works

Provision of on-site measurement services with profession tools and equipment for Chiller plant, MVAC system, Electrical system & Lighting system.

Which are located in different areas in Hong Kong :

(1) Central Government Piers, (2) Civil Engineering and Development Building, (3) Lai Chi Kok Government Offices, (4) Mong Kok Government Offices and (5) Public Works Central Laboratory, (6) Kwun Tong Police Station, (7) Correctional Services Department Staff Training Institute and (8) Yuen Long Police Station

Client Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
Location Various location in H.K.
Main Contractor Atkins China Limited
Year October 2020 - February 2022