Safety Initiatives


12 H&S Basics
  1. NEVER bring, consume or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the workplace.
  2. ALWAYS wear the minimum required PPE on site at all times, and wear specific PPE adapted to the risks of the task.
  3. ALWAYS wear the vehicle or machine seat belt. ALWAYS respect the pedestrian/vehicle routes, ensure their separation and signpost them. NEVER use a phone while operating any vehicle or machine. NEVER use a motorized machine with 2 or 3 wheels for a business trip.
  4. ALWAYS carry out daily safety briefings and warm-up sessions before the work starts.
  5. ALWAYS conduct a risk assessment prior to any task and implement the preventive and control measures identified. ALWAYS protect yourself from physical, chemical, radiological and radiation hazards.
  6. ALWAYS move loads, manually or mechanically, safely. ALWAYS prepare a lift suitability survey and a lifting plan before any mechanized lifting operation. NEVER go under the load during hooking-up & unhooking or raising & lowering. NEVER stand between a lifted load and a fixed obstacle.
  7. ALWAYS guarantee the stability of equipment, materials, machinery and the working environment.
  8. ALWAYS check the absence of energy (electrical tension, hydraulic pressure…) prior to carrying any service/maintenance/repair/test on an equipment. ALWAYS apply LOTO on the equipment on which tasks are carried out. ALWAYS apply one person/one lock/one key principle. NEVER start carrying out any task on an equipment where LOTO is not applied and absence of energy has not been verified.
  9. ALWAYS use the correct power tools authorized by BYCN.
  10. ALWAYS favour metal collective protection to prevent falls from height and falling objects
  11. ALWAYS carry out work at height from stable and controlled metal equipment. NEVER work from ladders, stepladders.
  12. ALWAYS stop working if conditions are unsafe and alert supervision or management.

Last updated on 23 June 2021