Training Policy


Investments in training, covering technical topics as well as business practices, ensure that the skill of staff at all levels is continuously developed and improved. Equipped with the latest industry knowledge, they inject new thinking and seek novel solutions for innovative projects and sustainable development.   BYME’s Knowledge Sharing initiative organises seminars held frequently throughout the year. Its syllabus is all-rounded and provides different seminars for technical know-how in areas of engineering, management, cost control and commercial contracts.   Skills and training needs are assessed formally, once a year in the annual appraisal or regularly and informally in the needs of hierarchical relations through the year. Staff are then offered appropriate courses tailored to their training needs.

We also provide different training schemes for the new bloods joining our family:

  • BIM Training

  • Climate Collage Workshop for BYME, DHK, VSL

  • Apprenticeship Training Programme for young talents and new comers


BYME offers a wide range of training schemes for staffs starting out in the industry at various levels. Internship for students of Vocational Training Council (VTC) or universities.

  • ・On-the-job training for apprentices registered under the Apprenticeship Ordinance.
  • ・Industrial Attachment (IA) & Industry-Based Student Project (IBSP) for Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) Higher Diploma Engineering final year students.
  • ・Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) “Scheme A” training opportunities for graduate engineers and help them attain professional status with HKIE or overseas institutions.

This two-year training scheme in Mechanical, Electrical and Building Services Discipline is approved by HKIE; it equips young graduates to be chartered as professional engineers and future leaders of the business. Over the training period, trainees have the opportunity to rotate among different departments and projects to learn through on-the-job training to gain solid experience in project management, safety, planning and programming, sub-contractors management, and cost control etc. Trainees can also work in our head office to practice engineering design, tendering, quality and environmental issues. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) can be acquired through sponsored internal training courses and external courses/seminars. The Training Scheme is fully supported by Training Tutors, Engineering Supervisors and the Human Resources & Administration Department.